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This is not a hobby but professional work performed under strict federal, municipal regulations.

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We are Federally licensed to operate unmanned aerials allowing you to focus on the solving your problem and not the technicalities.

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Our Aerial Cameras are able to capture high quality video and photos used for inspections.

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The Benefits of using FAA Certified Photographers/Videographers

Are Drones really better for Photos and Video of your projects?

Using drones for capturing video footage offers several advantages over traditional methods involving helicopters. Here are some key benefits of drone video over helicopter video:

Cost-Effectiveness: Drones are significantly more affordable to operate than helicopters. Renting a helicopter, along with a pilot and crew, can be prohibitively expensive. Drones eliminate these high costs, making aerial videography accessible to a wider range of projects and budgets.

Maneuverability and Access: Drones can fly lower and closer to the ground than helicopters, providing unique and intimate angles for video shots. They can navigate through tight spaces, capture footage from various heights, and easily change directions, enabling creative and dynamic shots that might be difficult or impossible for a helicopter to achieve.

Safety: Drones eliminate the risks associated with manned flight. Pilots can operate drones remotely, reducing the potential danger to human life in hazardous or difficult-to-reach locations. Drones also pose minimal risk to people on the ground in case of accidents.

Environmental Impact: Drones have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to helicopters. They produce fewer emissions and are more environmentally friendly, making them a more sustainable choice for aerial videography.

Versatility: Drones come in various sizes and configurations, equipped with different cameras and accessories. This versatility allows filmmakers to choose the right drone for specific shots and environments. Some drones are equipped with advanced stabilization systems and high-resolution cameras, enabling professional-quality video capture.

Ease of Setup: Setting up a drone for aerial filming is generally quicker and requires less infrastructure than preparing a helicopter. Drones can be deployed rapidly, allowing filmmakers to capture spontaneous moments or time-sensitive events.

Flexibility in Filming Locations: Drones can film in locations where helicopters cannot operate safely or legally, such as close to buildings, in densely populated areas, or over environmentally sensitive areas.

Post-Production Flexibility: Modern drones capture high-resolution video footage, providing ample detail for post-production editing and stabilization. 

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